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California Grill

Located in the Canyon City of Azusa, CA

Born in the foothills of Whittier back in 1996 and growing in popularity ever since, California Grill has been proudly serving food up “Fresh, Fast and Fun” for almost two decades. Classified as an American restaurant with a California twist to our cuisine, we have introduced bold flavors that continue to make us a destination restaurant. In one of the many California permutations, there are a fair number of Mexican dishes on the menu too.

The California Grill concept has been enjoyed throughout southern California and has continuously evolved based on our customers’ wants and needs. Now we introduce a quick service restaurant to the greater community of Azusa to meet the wants and needs of even more customers. With a hip concept, lively atmosphere and refreshingly different menu, California Grill Express aims to please all our guests no matter what their appetite.

Whether it be for a bite to eat before a day in the office or for late night dinner just before bed, we’ve loved getting to know each and every one of our guests that get cozy in one of our booths or relax out on the patio.

Our Mission

Our mission at California Grill and California Grill Express is to provide quality customer service, a friendly, comfortable environment and delicious dishes at fair prices. We strive to offer only the freshest ingredients on a daily basis to all of our menu selections and we aim to please each guest with a dining experience that is literally unmatched.

As a family owned and operated restaurant, our approach towards everyday business is truly cooperative. We believe that every member of our team is integral to our success and by creating a family atmosphere within the company makes for an enjoyable environment when you and your family come to visit us.

Our Philosophy

We, as a company, are more passionate about guest service than anything else. Our culture describes our service standard as the “ultimate guest experience.” California Grill Restaurants have a passion for guest satisfaction that goes beyond anyone's expectation. It is our focus that every guest returns to dine with us. Of course, to accomplish this we rely mostly on our experienced wait staff. We rely on their self-motivation to perform to the best of your ability and their ability to self-evaluate service performance on a daily basis.

Our Involvement

At California Grill Express, our commitment to our guests and their families does not end outside the restaurant doors. We thrive on building lasting, meaningful relationships that show just how vested we are in the welfare of our guests and our community.

We have been the proud sponsor of many groups, teams and events in the Whittier area for almost two decades. We are poised and ready to invest the same time and resources in the Azusa community too. It is always a pleasure to honor donor requests and we look forward to our continued support of everything our communities do for decades to come.